Jun 112010

First day of fishing, JB caught a nice Jack at the start of the summer of the big spill, hoping the slick doesn’t reach here.

Jun 102010

In Florida visiting me mammy in Naples. I try to start each day with a six- mile beach walk from the pier south to the Gordon River. Today I brought my cell phone and took some pictures. If this is destined to be the summer of oil on the beach, here’s what it looked like before the slick arrived.






7:30 am: setting out






Two miles south of the pier






A one-clawed crab






Turtle nest about to hatch






Dolphins playing in the wake of a boat entering the gulf from the Gordon River.






Birds on the hoof






And on the wing






A pair of snook patrolling the beach.

Sorry it’s a bit of a botch but it’s time to get back outside and play.