Jul 282010


I’m delighted to announce the publication by Straight Up Press of new electronic and paperback editions of my first novel, ALLIANCES.¬† Originally ¬†published by Worldwide Library in 1987, the novel sold 65,000 copies worldwide and was translated into French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese for foreign editions in Australia, the Philippines, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Brazil and Latin America. The book earned a single review from the now-defunct magazine, Rendezvous:

“The horrors and circumstances during World War II are depicted in this remarkable tale of fear and courage. The story takes you from England to France with a female American war correspondent trying to send the Americans the real story behind the war, and the English people trying to stay alive with all the hardships of bombings and killings. The reader will be hard-pressed to read this without feeling it’s more fact than fiction, more fear than sentimentality. This is for both men and women, but not a romance in any sense of the word. Action – yes; conflict – plenty; well-written – absolutely.”

Read the first chapter at HERE.

ALLIANCES is available as a print-on-demand trade paperback and Kindle eBook at Amazon.  In the next few weeks an eBook edition of the novel for the iPad will be available at the iBookstore. And when Barnes & Noble and Google launch their eBookstores later this year, eBook editions of ALLIANCES will on their shelves as well.

Jul 202010

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A new edition of my first novel, ALLIANCES, from Straight Up Press.