Apr 162011

This blog and my micro-publishing house, Straight Up Press, have been on hold since July 2010 due the the illness and death of my mother, Mary Jones Quinn. Now, however, I’ve recovered enough energy and enthusiasm to get back to work. I’ve consolidated the website devoted to SUP’s first title, My Phantom: The Memoir of Christine Daaé, with BethQuinnBarnard.com. Under the My Phantom tab, you can find a description of the novel, the first chapter, a reading group guide, an article explaining the origin of SUP, a Webpage devoted to the Palais Garnier, and a link to Anstance Tamplin’s Facebook page.  And under the novel tab, there are new links to the first chapter and SUP editions of Any Day Now on Amazon. The official launch of the 2011 print-on-demand and eBook editions of Any Day Now comes in the next few weeks.