May 022011

I’m delighted to announce publication of a new edition of my second novel, Any Day Now, by Straight Up Press. Originally published by Pocket Books in 1987, Any Day Now earned a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly:

Mixing romance, politics and rejuvenated ’60s idealism, Quinn (Alliances) concocts a stirring novel. Kate Buchanan, a criminal lawyer, is jolted when Nick Ricci–her first love, and from the wrong side of the tracks–appears in her office in 1985. They haven’t seen each other since 1968, when he left for Vietnam without saying good-bye. He needs her help–he is convinced that his black war buddy Leon Jackson is alive, despite the burial of his remains by his family. Aided by another vet, Tom Wilcox, who is a minister to the homeless, and Kate’s friend Deborah Tate, they interview other vets, including ex-POWs, and comb through government files. Kate confronts her own discomfort with the vets: “Their knowledge of Vietnam didn’t come from two minutes of film on the evening news. They knew the taste, smell, and feel of it.” The mysteries surrounding Leon and Nick’s unwarranted guilt are too easily resolved here, but the lives of Nick, Kate, Tom and Deborah dovetail into a fresh exposition of the vagaries of racism, war and love.

Here’s a link to the first chapter.

And here’s a link to the book on Amazon.

Any Day Now is available as an $8.99 print-on-demand trade paperback and a $2.99 Kindle edition at Amazon. The eBook will soon be available at the iBookstore and as well