They were Allies forged by war.  Nora Seymour, an ambitious war correspondent who discovered something more important than a byline on Europe’s bloody battlegrounds.  Constance Tolliver, the aristocratic voice of an English generation torn between conscience and survival.  Peter Ryan, an American army surgeon dedicated to saving every life he could.  Tim Chase, a flier whose boyhood was shattered by suffering, guilt and senseless death.  Matt Chase, a hardened warrior gripped by death until Nora lured him back to life.  Some would live, some would die – all would change.

“The horrors and circumstances during World War II are depicted in this remarkable tale of fear and courage. The story takes you from England to France with a female American war correspondent…This is for both men and women, but not a romance in any sense of the word. Action – yes; Conflict – plenty; Well-written – absolutely.” –– Rendezvous Magazine

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“Mixing romance, politics and rejuvenated ’60s idealism, Quinn (Alliances ) concocts a stirring novel. Kate Buchanan, a criminal lawyer, is jolted when Nick Ricci–her first love, and from the wrong side of the tracks–appears in her office in 1985. They haven’t seen each other since 1968, when he left for Vietnam without saying good-bye. He needs her help–he is convinced that his black war buddy Leon Jackson is alive, despite the burial of his remains by his family. Aided by another vet, Tom Wilcox, who is a minister to the homeless, and Kate’s friend Deborah Tate, they interview other vets, including ex-POWs, and comb through government files. Kate confronts her own discomfort with the vets: “Their knowledge of Vietnam didn’t come from two minutes of film on the evening news. They knew the taste, smell, and feel of it.” The mysteries surrounding Leon and Nick’s unwarranted guilt are too easily resolved here, but the lives of Nick, Kate, Tom and Deborah dovetail into a fresh exposition of the vagaries of racism, war and love.”  — Publisher’s Weekly starred review Nov. 17, 1989

“Wonderful…a can’t-put-down read.” -– Susan Elizabeth Phillips

“A lovely, sensitive book.” -– Kathleen Gilles-Seidel

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On one side is the “family,” and on the other, the law. Tying them together is vengeance. Toni Ross, born Antoinette Cellini, has a lot to prove to her fellow officers after her partner is gunned down. Now the case that can save her career will force her to face the shadows in her own mind about her Italian past, her teenaged son, and her needs both as a woman  and a cop. Veronica Aiello Lipari, pampered, beautiful, married to one mobster and daughter of another, has shocked the Feds by promising to tell all. But she isn’t revealing her chilling reason,   one that has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with hate. Neil Emmett, tough U. S. Attorney, is a man driven by his obsession to stop the Aiello crime family. That passion forces him beyond the bound of law, onto a dangerous ground where he may pay a deadly price for Veronica’s clever lies  and for betraying Toni’s willing heart. From Sicily to Rhode Island, an ancient code demands a life for a life.  And Toni Ross needs to know who is really marked for death in a dark world of betrayal, secrets and revenge.

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The Lauren Maxwell Mysteries

 “Exceptional….Absorbing….Quinn makes excellent use of the arctic landscape.” – Wilson Public Library Bulletin

“A wonderful book…Elizabeth Quinn reminds me of Dick Francis in the confident, knowledgeable way that she writes about her subject, with feeling and a wealth of fascinating detail.” – Tower Books Mystery Newsletter

“Lauren Maxwell is a detective for our times – an environmentalist, a feminist, and a single mother who balances catching the bad guys with grabbing quality time with her kids.” – Medford (Ore.) Mail Tribune

“Intriguing and unusual…plenty of suspense [and] sharp dialogue…an intelligent and feisty female protagonist whose flaws and insecurities only make her character more true-to-life.” –  North County (CA) Blade Citizen Preview.

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 “Alaska is an incredible place, and this skillful author doesn’t let you forget it. The twists that Alaska’s vastness works on the minds of the wary and unwary alike is the theme of this…second adventure for Lauren Maxwell, recovering widow, mother of two and pistol-packing private eye….The solution lies in the clever application of Alaska lore.” – Sunday Oregonian

“As the story weaves itself through the Alaskan expanse, its rivers and its mountains, its plants and its animals become characters in their own right….Lauren is a likeable, plucky heroine.” – Critic’s Choice, America Online

“We liked the Alaska setting, the ecological issues that are part of the story line, and especially Lauren’s relationship with her 11-year-old son Jake.” – The Purloined Letter

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 “Third in a stellar series.” – The Purloined Letter

“Lauren shares many of the qualities of toughness found in Kinsey Millhone and V.I. Warshawski, but at the same time her maternal instincts lend a softness to her characters as well as a fierceness. She is intelligent and resourceful.” –

“The characters in this series get better and better, but…the Great Land itself is the greatest character of all.” – Sunday Oregonian

“The Lauren Maxwell books are an interesting mystery series because of the unique lead character (a professional biologist and single mother of two) and the exotic locale. Elizabeth Quinn is quickly becoming one of the top writers of amateur sleuths…” – Harriet Klausner,

“Denali National Park is the scene of the crime for Wild America Society investigator Lauren Maxwell in…Elizabeth Quinn’s third in this gorgeous series…” – Mystery Scene Magazine

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 “I always look forward to the newest Lauren Maxwell mystery, and I think this one is the best so far.” – The North Carolina Pilot

“The investigation takes her from the island’s carved totems and the Haida people to the deep ocean, looking for evidence. The author offers a dramatic setting for this mystery and a good insight into the culture of the Haidas. . .if you’re interested in Alaska, you’ll enjoy this mystery with a surprise ending.” – Rendezvous Magazine

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